Dr. Robert and Dr. David Della Rocca are trauma consultants regarding injury to the orbit bones around the eyes. Orbital fractures are seen frequently in our office. Double vision and/or displacement of the eye may develop after fracture occurs.

These symptoms may develop days or even weeks after this injury. Typically, we study CAT scans demonstrating the extent of the fracture after evaluating the patient's history and findings. Surgical repair of an orbit fracture is not always required. The decision to do surgery on the patient depends on the symptom and signs mentioned. We do a significant number of orbital fracture repairs.

Accomplished Eye Reconstructive Surgeons

Drs. Della Rocca are accomplished eye plastic reconstructive surgeons, Orbital Fracture patients can have complete confidence that the doctors will make every effort to ensure that the surgical experience and the postoperative care will lead to outstanding results.

Orbital Fractures

Fractures of the orbital region may occur in isolation or as part of more extensive craniofacial trauma. Depending on the bones involved in the fracture, a number of sequelae are possible.

With respect to the orbit, these include impaired ocular motility and strabismus resulting in diplopia, globe malposition, and canthal dystopia.

Direct injury to the globe, the eyelids, and the lacrimal drainage system may accom¬pany these fractures and must always be ruled out with care¬ful examination. In addition, because the orbit shares its bony framework with the upper face, paranasal sinuses, and neurocranium,
fractures of the orbit can also affect these regions.

Figure (1)   elevation of trapped tissue including muscle and displaced fat below the eye -
this is done to treat double vision when present  and repair displaced eye as shown in the pre  surgical  abnormal position of the right eye  and post surgery result demonstrating marked improvement  of eye position.  (Fig 2)  shows medpore implant covering the orbit fracture  treating double and abnormal position of the eye.






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