Orbital Eye Surgery

The Orbit

The orbit occupies about two cubic inches within the human body. No other two cubic inches tell more about the body’s functions and emotions than the orbit and the eye. Six of the twelve cranial nerves as well as the parasympa¬thetic and sympathetic systems pass through the orbit and adnexa.

An appreciation of its anatomy is necessary to un-derstanding the wide variety of conditions that present in this area. An understanding of this anatomy is also essential in performing orbital surgery. Orbital Eye Surgery Orbital Eye Surgery

Eye Orbit Surgery

The orbit is a complex structure; due to its small area and proximity to sensitive nerves only experienced and trusted Eye Surgeons should be considered.

Drs. Robert and David Della Rocca, have experience and extensive training handling complex eye surgeries.

With many years of successfully treating orbital eye Injury and Eye disease you can be assured when choosing Drs. Robert and David Della Rocca.

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