Dr. David Della Rocca

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Dr. David Della Rocca specializes in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Eye Surgery. His expertise includes cosmetic surgery for the eyelids, and reconstructive surgery and treatment of the eyes, midface and brows. He treats diseases and functional abnormalities of the eyelids, orbits and tear ducts in adults and children. Dr. Della Rocca emphasizes the importance of focusing on the needs of each individual patient to help achieve a thorough understanding of the medical and surgical treatment issues.

In 2005, Dr. David Della Rocca joined the office of Dr. Robert Della Rocca and is a partner in the practice.

Dr. Della Rocca enjoys, and is committed to, being a teacher of residents and oculoplastic surgical fellows at The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai and Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital Center. In addition, he is an author of many peer reviewed articles and chapters that have added to the body of knowledge within his field and received the honor award for teaching at the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).

Since 2003, Dr. Della Rocca has been devoted to medical mission work abroad. He has participated in multiple trips to St. John’s Eye Hospital in Jerusalem and in the Dominican Republic. He is director of the eye plastic surgery international fellowship sponsored by the AAO.

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Dr. David Della Rocca Specializes in Eye Plastic and Reconstructive Orbital Eye Surgery. His compassion and dedication towards his patients is consistent with the strong standards of his established associates.

Since Dr. Della Rocca's graduation from residency training, he has been involved with medical mission work abroad, participating in multiple trips to St. John's Eye Hospital in Jerusalem, performing large numbers of surgical procedures caring for "those with less". This attitude and effort typifies the past and present work of the physicians and staff of this practice.

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